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Varna, Bulgaria

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Studying Medicine and Dentistry in Varna

Fields: Medicine & Dentistry (in English)
Application deadline for winter semester 2018/2019:
~ 18 September 2018
Semester begins: ~ 30 September 2018
Tuition fees:
Medicine: € 4,000/semester
Dentistry: € 4,000/semester

The Medical University of Varna lets you start your studies in human medicine or dentistry without quotas or waiting periods. The structure of both courses follows the common European curricula.
International students from over 35 countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, and the United Kingdom, come here to study medicine and dentistry. MUV is becoming increasingly popular with students from the UK and Scandinavia. The human medicine and dentistry programmes last six years and are taught in English.

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The Medical University of Varna is a very modern university: all seminar rooms and lecture halls are equipped with 3-D technology and the building for the faculty of dentistry is only a few years old. The university was first established as medical school and added dentistry in 2006. The library houses more than 160,000 volumes and the university’s anatomy museum contains a large collection of exhibits that offers an interesting and comprehensive learning environment for students. The faculty of medicine has seventeen departments and is the largest at the university. About 20% of the approx. 1,000 students come from abroad. They are taught by a total of 217 lecturers.

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Varna has a population of just 330,000, but it is the third largest city in Bulgaria. The location right on the Black Sea makes it a popular tourist destination for people from Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. Thanks to its numerous natural resources, this Bulgarian seaside town has become a truly famous destination. As a centre for trade and industry, it is not only the most important port for Bulgaria, an EU and NATO member, but also offers good transport connections. This applies to both the road and rail networks as well as the telecommunications network and the flights offered to/from the city. The city’s IMG_5251international airport is operated by Frankfurt Airport and provides direct connections to German- and English-speaking Europe with the likes of Austrian Airlines. It is also possible to fly to Bulgaria via the capital Sofia, too. From there, there are also numerous connecting flights to Varna.
A special feature of the University of Varna is its extensive sports programme. Both intramural and extramural tournaments and games feature heavily on the university calendar. The diverse student life also includes theatre and music groups. Many international music and film festivals including “Summer in Varna” and “The Golden Rose” take place here and enjoy worldwide popularity. The students are also involved in social justice causes and many events are held each year, such as the Teddy Clinic international children’s project.
In addition, all new students are invited to come for orientation week starting around 25 September. This is a great time to find your way around the university, explore the region, and learn about the history of Varna.

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  • Successful: more than 90% of our clients have been placed in previous years
  • Professional: advice on the application process, starting your studies, and returning home as a qualified professional
  • No quotas: admissions tests and preparatory courses
  • Easy: organise your application with all the necessary documents
  • No risk: placement fee only payable upon placement
  • Comprehensive: planning the details of living abroad (network of students, tips on finding accommodation, etc.)
  • Local support: support and academic supervision of your studies (in particular to ensure you are taking the proper coursework for your qualification back home)
  • Return: support for obtaining recognition of your degree and examination results
  • Proven quality: checked by international lawyers

In addition to having a general qualification for university admission, you will also have to pass the university’s acceptance test. Your school grades are not considered in your application. However, the university does expect that you will have had at least one year of chemistry and biology coursework in school. If you do well on the entrance exam, the university might waive this requirement. MediStart will assemble all of the required documentation on your behalf and support you throughout the application process, including petitioning for such waivers.

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MediStart will organise the admissions test for the University of Varna. You will be tested in your knowledge in the fields of English, biology, and chemistry. We will provide all of necessary study materials. In addition, as an official partner of the university, MediStart offers optimal preparation for the test. This way you will be best prepared for the examination.

“MediStart is your chance to get placed in a course without quotas or waiting periods. The MediStart concept has been thoroughly reviewed by international lawyers.” Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Jach

Initial information provided via telephone or at our information days in Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, and Dublin is provided free of charge..

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