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Targu Mures, Romania

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Medical studies in Targu Mures

Field of study: Medicine and Dentistry (in English)
Application deadline for winter semester 2018/2019:
~ 31 July 2018, but: by the end of March 2018 special features for early applicants, therefore early application recommended
Semester begins: ~ 01 October 2018
Tuition Fees:
Medicine: € 2,500/semester (6 years)
Dentistry: € 2,500/Semester (6 years)

You can study Human Medicine or Dentistry at UMF Targu Mures without a numerus clausus grade and without a waiting period. The structure of each course is in line with the common European education system. Licence to practice medicine attained in Romania is fully recognised in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many other countries.  You will be studying on an international course with fellow students from all over Europe – mainly from the UK, Scandinavia and Germany. Human Medicine and Dentistry courses are carried out completely in English and each lasts six years.

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University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Targu Mures pfeil_top

The Targu Mures medical faculty is one of the leading medical faculties in Romania that teaches doctors and dentists, as well as carrying out research in the field of medicine.

Studying in Targu Mures pfeil_top

The medical studies in Targu Mures is shaped by responsibility and respect in the work environment, effective communication between the doctor and patient, teamwork and diversity.

Furthermore, the university is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. So you’ll have access to a new simulation centre for simulating treatments under real-life conditions, as well as a recently opened research centre.

In addition, students can take advantage of the university’s extensive sports facilities at any time, e.g. its tennis courts, football fields and a modern swimming pool.

Targu Mures as a city pfeil_top

Targu Mures is located on the Mures river in the collective settlement area for Transylvanian Germans, Hungarians and Romanians. The surroundings, the famous Transylvania, is characterised by mountains and forests. In addition to a few lakes, streams and rivers such as the Mures, there are also underground bodies of water that have a special kind of tourist charm.

Targu Mures is the spiritual and cultural centre of the Magyar area in Transylvania, a university city and an economic centre. Addresses on many public buildings, the radio station and zoo are given in Romanian, German and Hungarian, which shows how the three communities – German, Hungarian and Romanian – have lived together for more than a thousand years. The university city, with its six universities, including a theatre school, also has many cultural institutions and museums. The Culture Palace (art nouveau) is home to a concert hall, an art gallery and showrooms.

Prerequisites and Applications pfeil_top

The university selects applicants based on several factors. Successful applications require successful school leaving examination(s), a motivational cover letter and a letter of recommendation. A motivational interview is also required. However, please note that the motivational cover letter should not just explain things that are commonly known. It is more important here to address and satisfy points expected by the university. You will benefit from the MediStart experience here. The motivational interview is carried out via Skype from the comfort of your own home – MediStart provides coaching for this. It is also possible to obtain early study admission from 1 to 31 March through an early admission procedure. Volunteering commitments, extra-curricular activities and good English skills also have a positive impact on the admission decision.

MediStart student advisors prepare you for the motivational interview via Skype, giving valuable pointers so that you are able to master the interview. You prepare the other application documents together with your MediStart student advisor.

  • Successful: more than 90% of our clients have been placed in previous years
  • Professional: advice on the application process, starting your studies, and returning home as a qualified professional
  • No quotas: admissions tests and preparatory courses
  • Easy: organise your application with all the necessary documents
  • No risk: placement fee only payable upon placement
  • Comprehensive: planning the details of living abroad (network of students, tips on finding accommodation, etc.)
  • Local support: support and academic supervision of your studies (in particular to ensure you are taking the proper coursework for your qualification back home)
  • Return: support for obtaining recognition of your degree and examination results
  • Proven quality: checked by international lawyers

Testing and Preparation pfeil_top

It is not a requirement to obtain a certain average grade in the school leaving examination(s) nor is it a requirement to sit a certain admission test to study at the university in Targu Mures. However, the required motivational cover letter and your school grades, mainly in science subjects, do have a significant impact on admission. We therefore support you in the preparation of this using our experience and special knowledge of the procedure. If you are then successful in qualifying for a place to study in Targu Mures, you will be integrated into campus life as a student in the orientation week at the university.

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