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Riga, Latvia

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Studying Medicine and Dentistry in Riga

Fields: Medicine & Dentistry (in English)
Application deadline for summer semester 2018:
~ 10 December 2017
Beginning of the semester: ~ 12 February 2018
Tuition fees:
Medicine: € 6,000/semester (6 years)
Dentistry: € 7,000/semester (5 years), from the 3rd year € 7,500/semester

Get started with your studies right away at Riga Stradiņš University (RSU). All you need is a good application and a compelling cover letter: and MediStart will be support you in creating both. Start your studies in the very next semester in Latvia’s capital.
Benefit from small teaching groups, capped at ten students in the dentistry programme, and personal contact with your professors and lecturers. Modern equipment and teaching methods ensure that your studies meet high international standards and connect theory with practise from an outset.

Your programme in Riga is offered fully in English and your instructors will facilitate communication with local patients. You will be taught the specialist terminology from the beginning of the course in separate courses.
The fees are € 6,000 per semester for the programme in human medicine and € 7,000 a semester  (from the 3rd year € 7,500) for the dentistry programme.

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There are two universities in Riga, but we recommend RSU due to its leading position among schools in the Baltic and because its curricula are most comparable to the requirements of Western European medical schools. RSU is also very popular with international students and the university appreciates their enthusiasm. Of the approx. 7,000 students enrolled at RSU, more than 1,000 come from Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Riga Stradiņš University is a leading centre for healthcare in the Baltic and has the modern technology you would expect. This together with innovative teaching methods guarantees a high standard of education. RSU has been offering its medical programmes in English for almost 25 years; the process is now guaranteed to run smoothly. Riga Stradiņš University itself has been around for more than 150 years, first under the name Riga Medical Institute. The former president of Latvia completed his medical studies here, by the way. Before taking office, he was director of Riga’s orthopaedic and trauma hospital for many years.

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IMG_5563Riga is the capital of Latvia and thus part of the European Union and NATO. Latvia joined the Eurozone in 2014. The Hanseatic city has a long merchant tradition and is not unlike similar cities such as Amsterdam, Manchester, and Hamburg. The 800-year history of Riga offers many places to discover during your free time and this is no doubt why it was also named the European Capital of Culture for 2014. The particularly well-preserved old town area has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But it’s not all about tradition here: there’s plenty of modern life here, too. The city is full of clubs, operas, historical sites, city parks and many sports clubs.

Your English will serve you well in Riga since most Latvians have mastered the language. The city offers a wide range of accommodation, from student residences to flats. It takes just fifteen minutes to reach the university from the student residence. Riga also has an international airport with many direct flights to Europe.

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  • Successful: more than 90% of our clients have been placed in previous years
  • Professional: advice on the application process, starting your studies, and returning home as a qualified professional
  • No quotas: admissions tests and preparatory courses
  • Easy: organise your application with all the necessary documents
  • No risk: placement fee only payable upon placement
  • Comprehensive: planning the details of living abroad (network of students, tips on finding accommodation, etc.)
  • Local support: support and academic supervision of your studies (in particular to ensure you are taking the proper coursework for your qualification back home)
  • Return: support for obtaining recognition of your degree and examination results
  • Proven quality: checked by international lawyers

For a successful application, a university entrance qualification, a motivation letter, two letters of recommendation, and a certificate from your doctor attesting to your health are required. The “motivation letter” does not follow the standard format known in the English-speaking world. Instead, it is more important to address the points that the university expects to hear about. This is where you benefit most from MediStart’s experience. You also need to have good English skills. Good marks in English or having passed the TOEFL test (the score does not matter) will be enough to prove this. If you are a native speaker, normally you would not need a language certificate.

MediStart will handle of all steps of the application process, including the complex process of planning your motivation letter.

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The RSU does not apply any quotas nor does it require an admissions test. However, the required letter of motivation has a significant impact on your admission. We will therefore use our experience and specific knowledge of this process to support you in creating this vital document. Once you have been admitted to RSU, you will be invited to spend an orientation week on campus to help you get a good start to your studies.

“MediStart is your chance to get placed in a course without quotas or waiting periods. The MediStart concept has been thoroughly reviewed by international lawyers.” Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Jach

Initial information provided via telephone or at our information days in Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, and Dublin is provided free of charge..

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