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Nicosia, Cyprus

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Medical studies in Nicosia

Field of study: Medicine and Dentistry (in English)
Application deadline for winter semester 2018/2019:
~ September 2018
Semester begins: ~ 01 October 2018
Tuition Fees:
Medicine: € 9,500/semester (6 years)
Dentistry: € 9,500/Semester (6 years)

You can start your medical studies at European University Cyprus (EUC) right away. Your final grades in school do not have to play a role.  Applicants choose the university in a separate selection process. An internationally coordinated curriculum with a focus on practical experience. The English-language course of study is fully recognised across Europe, including the UK, and many other countries.

EUC is a leading international private university where students are trained in the latest scientific knowledge using contemporary teaching methods. The clinical training starts during the six-year academic phase: practical experience is guaranteed from the outset. The programme includes the teaching of theory, practical units, virtual simulations, and direct contact with patients in public and private clinics. The colonial legacy of Cyprus, now an EU member state and a part of the British Commonwealth, means that Cypriots speak English well so that you can readily communicate with your patients. The tuition fees are € 9,500 per semester.

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European University Cyprus pfeil_top

The university is one of some eighty laureate international universities headed by former US President Bill Clinton.

This means that you have direct contact with a global training network of leading private universities. More than 900,000 students in 30 countries from the United States and Europe belong to this network. The university is also involved in the Erasmus programme. About half of the courses of study are taught in English. Under the motto “Here for Good”, the university promotes long-term and targeted education. During your study, you will learn all of the important skills and then put them into practise. Above-average teaching and research at the university are officially recognised thanks to quality controls.

nikosia_strand_txtThe university can now look back at more than 50 years of history. The focus from the beginning  has been a quality education for highly motivated students ready to perform. The internationalisation of the university has made it one of the top locations for medical education and it has partnered with the German University Foundation since 2014.

Studying in Nikosia pfeil_top
Cyprus has all the prerequisites for an excellent university education. That is why so many students opt each year to study in Nicosia. Cyprus’ history dates back 1,000 years to the Byzantine Empire. The traces of the past are visible with Roman villas and ancient royal tombs among the sights you can discover. Ten Byzantine churches with their colourful frescoes have been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Today, the island in the eastern Mediterranean is an EU member state with a modern culture. Cyprus brings together the best features of many European cultures, with an outstanding educational system and modern lifestyles. The population speaks very good English and is known for its openness.

Prerequisites and Applications pfeil_topnikosia_uni_txt
The university uses several factors to select its students. Besides English skills, an admissions committee also decides on your application. A particular focus is on good grades in school, especially in the natural sciences. Alternatively, it is also possible to make up for these grades by passing the MediStart test.
A letter of application and the recommendation of a teacher or teachers are also required. Internship experiences or the fact that your parents are doctors can also play a role. MediStart will help you draft your letter of application and plan recommendation letters. Your English skills are best demonstrated by passing a language test such as TOEFL or IELTS. If you happen to be a native speaker of English, then no language test is required.

Testing and Preparation pfeil_top
The university assigns places either considering your grades in the natural sciences or your marks on the MediStart test together with an interview with the admissions committee via Skype.

  • Successful: more than 90% of our clients have been placed in previous years
  • Professional: advice on the application process, starting your studies, and returning home as a qualified professional
  • No quotas: admissions tests and preparatory courses
  • Easy: organise your application with all the necessary documents
  • No risk: placement fee only payable upon placement
  • Comprehensive: planning the details of living abroad (network of students, tips on finding accommodation, etc.)
  • Local support: support and academic supervision of your studies (in particular to ensure you are taking the proper coursework for your qualification back home)
  • Return: support for obtaining recognition of your degree and examination results
  • Proven quality: checked by international lawyers

The opportunity to enrol at this top university of your final school grades or training in the natural sciences is a great opportunity for international applicants. Once you have been enrolled, the matriculation and orientation process follows. This will help you to become familiar with the campus and the city.

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