Madrid, Spain

CEU San Pablo University (USP) in Madrid makes it possible to start your studies in the upcoming winter term without quotas. You can thus study dentistry without detours at one of Europe's finest private universities.
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Madrid, Spain

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Dental school in Madrid

Field: Dentistry (in English)
Application deadline for winter semester 2018/2019:
~ 15 May 2018
Semester begins: ~ 10 September 2018
Tuition fees:
Dentistry: € 7,810/semester (5 years)

CEU San Pablo University (USP) in Madrid makes it possible to start your studies in the upcoming winter term without quotas. You can thus study dentistry without detours at one of Europe’s finest private universities. The coursework is offered entirely in English. You will be taught the specialist terminology from the beginning of the course. One important part of the application process at USP is the Skype interview. MediStart, as an official agency for European applicants to the university, can help provide the appropriate preparation.

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The quality of instruction is particularly high at USP. You will benefit from instructional spaces with modern furnishes, the latest computer equipment, and small-group instruction. Overall, the university has approx. 1,000 faculty members. In the practical part of the training, each tutor only works with two students, ensuring direct contact and a high level of learning success.

The university enjoys international popularity. The medical school has about 10% foreign students, including many from the US and Western and Northern Europe, such as Germany, Great Britain, and Sweden. As a student of dentistry, you will have regular access to ultramodern clinical equipment so that you gain experience with cutting-edge technology and medicine. You will also have regular contact with clinics and dental practises so that you can consolidate your theoretical knowledge with frequent and early hands-on experiences. This practical approach is an important training focus at USP, which organises more than 2,700 internship placements for its students. Since the university is privately owned, it charges tuition of €7,810 per semester for students in the dentistry programme.

CEU San Pablo University of Madrid (USP) pfeil_top
IMG_5410USP has been known for decades for the high quality of its instruction and medical training, always adapted to the state of the art. It is a part of the San Pablo Foundation for non-profit educational institutions, a group of more than 25 educational institutions that has existed for more than 80 years.

Internationally, the university enjoys an ever-growing popularity. Foreign students also benefit from a special service from the university’s own English-speaking hospitality service to help you settle in your new city and to ensure that everything runs smoothly. You will thus have a constant contact who can explain anything and everything in English and help you in both private and academic matters.
Many of the university professors also often work in the clinical settings where you will be gaining your practical experiences. This helps to ensure contact during both theoretical and practical training, all of which has a positive impact on your learning outcomes. Another important point is quality assurance. USP has all of its programmes and its professors regularly evaluated. This ensure that everything meets the latest standards.

Studying in Madrid pfeil_topIMG_5511
With over one million inhabitants, Madrid is one of Spain’s largest cities. It is located in the centre of the country and has a very mild climate. With an average temperature of 17°C, this is the perfect spot to enjoy a Mediterranean lifestyle. The infrastructure meets the standards of any major European city and you can quickly and easily reach any location within the city. The USP campus has its own rail connection. The city has direct flights all over Europe, including Frankfurt, London, Stockholm, or Amsterdam.

Application pfeil_top
For your application to USP, you will need a university entrance qualification and proficiency in English. But if you’re just finishing school this year, you can already get started on your application. Instead of your final grades, your eligibility will be determined during an interview. MediStart will coach you for the interview, compile all the required documents, and take care of the further application steps, all to maximise your chances of getting a placement in Madrid.

Testing and Preparation pfeil_top
You will be interviewed via Skype by the university’s examination committee. It can help your application if you have already had some internship experiences or if your parents are physicians or dentists.

  • Successful: more than 90% of our clients have been placed in previous years
  • Professional: advice on the application process, starting your studies, and returning home as a qualified professional
  • No quotas: admissions tests and preparatory courses
  • Easy: organise your application with all the necessary documents
  • No risk: placement fee only payable upon placement
  • Comprehensive: planning the details of living abroad (network of students, tips on finding accommodation, etc.)
  • Local support: support and academic supervision of your studies (in particular to ensure you are taking the proper coursework for your qualification back home)
  • Return: support for obtaining recognition of your degree and examination results
  • Proven quality: checked by international lawyers

However, this is not absolutely necessary to be admitted. USP does not require a separate entrance examination, which means that your interview is all you need to secure your place in the dentistry programme. MediStart will provide individual preparation prior to your interview to help you secure your placement in Madrid.

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