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Košice, Slovakia

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Studying Medicine and Dentistry in Košice

Fields: Medicine & Dentistry (in English)
Application deadline for winter semester 2018/2019:: ~ 24 July 2018
Semester start: September 2018
Tuition fees:
Medicine: ~ € 5,250/semester (6 years)
Dentistry: ~ € 5,500/semester (6 years)

You can study human medicine and dentistry in English at the Pavol Josef Safarik University (PJS) in Košice. Both courses last six years. You can start your programme this autumn without any quotas or waiting periods.

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The university’s history dates back to 1657. It has existed in its present form since 1959. Currently there are more than 7,500 students studying in five faculties staffed with 1,250 employees and lecturers. Now 65 years old, the medical school is the university’s oldest faculty and has been offering English-language instruction for over 20 years.kosice

It is located in a modern high-rise building with the latest technology on all floors and in the immediate vicinity of L. Pasteur University Hospital. A new wing for experimental medicine opened in November 2015. The new equipment includes a TWINSHIME simulator for the human microbial ecosystem, one of only five worldwide. The programme at Košice focuses on practical experience from the outset.

The university is very popular with international students. More than 40 nations are represented on campus, including many students from Germany, Austria, Great Britain, and the Scandinavian countries. Partner universities like TU Munich and Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf and the Erasmus programme reflect the university’s international orientation.

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Košice lies on the River Hornad and is the second largest city in Slovakia. The 2013 European Capital of Culture combines an affordable cost of living with a high standard of living in a historic, Central European environment. Good transport links to Germany include the city’s international airport. The city is an important economic centre for Slovakia, especially for its trade with Italy and Austria. Košice is also a real university town.

In addition to many cultural attractions, Košice and the university both offer students plenty of options for their free time. At the university, there is an opportunity to get involved in charity projects as part of World AIDS Day or Médecins sans Frontières. Košice is also home to the oldest marathon in Europe (and the second oldest in the world after Boston), drawing sports fans and tourists from around the world to the city. The university’s botanical garden, also going back 65 years, is also a perfect spot to relax. The academic year traditionally begins with a grand matriculation ceremony.

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You can enrol in Košice without worrying about quotas or waiting periods. You only need a university entrance qualification and must pass the university’s admissions test, a multiple-choice test on the natural sciences. MediStart will get you well-prepared for that exam. In addition, the university requires sufficient knowledge of English, either shown by average grades in school or by being a native speaker.

MediStart also accompanies you throughout the application process and also on site once school starts. Use our experience to get started with your studies in Košice this autumn.

“MediStart is your chance to get placed in a course without quotas or waiting periods. The MediStart concept has been thoroughly reviewed by international lawyers.” Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Jach

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